Infant Day Care: Everything You Need To Know

Infant day care serves children from the ages of 6 weeks to 1 years old. Leaving your young child in someone else’s care is a big step, and all parts of the classroom should assure you that your child is in a safe, secure, and supportive environment.   

Health and Safety in the Infant Classroom

Health and safety in infant day care is what is most important. Let’s explore what measures a center should take to ensure the safety of your little one. 

Shoe-free environment 

Health and safety is number one here at Kids’ Care Club. Before entering the classroom, you’ll be made aware of our shoe-free environment. Giving infants the freedom to explore as they start crawling and scooting around the classroom is important for motor skill development, and a shoe-free environment guarantees that your child’s hands and mouth are safe from dirt and germs. Prior to entering, we ask that you wear socks only, or a disposable shoe cover provided by us.  

Cribs free and clear: designated with your infant. 

Each infant in our program has their very own crib just for them, personalized with your infant’s name and picture. Each crib is kept free of all items, such as pillows and stuffed toys, except for a tight-fitting sheet. Adequate staff-to-child ratios ensure that your child is monitored at all times while they are in their crib. 

Flexible feeding and Eating schedule to fit infant’s needs 

Breastfeed or bottle-feed, formula fed or starting on solid foods, your infant being fed, happy, and healthy is our utmost priority. Breastmilk and the formula of different children will be carefully labeled and stored at our center, with babies bottle-fed on their unique schedule. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure the feeding schedule in our classroom aligns perfectly for your baby and their stage. Is your child getting older and ready for solids? Exciting. We are eager to help you in introducing them to a whole new world of flavor!

Health Awareness

Daily classroom activities help children improve their mobility and coordination, supporting your child’s awareness in their everyday movement. Rolling from side-to-side and the transition to crawling, standing, and walking are all supported by our nurturing teachers to support your child’s gross and fine motor development. Seeing children move throughout the classroom with ease as they get older is just one of many rewarding milestones that take place in our infant classroom everyday. 

Inside an Infant’s Day 

The day in the life of an infant varies from day to day, and group to group. They do, however, follow a daily rhythm that takes place in a familiar environment. Each child will follow their specific feeding and napping schedule, but we’ll always come together for circle time, songs, art activities, and more. We invite you to explore the infant day care schedule here. 

Infant Curriculum

Infant curriculum here at Kids’ Care Club is designed to promote motor and sensory interaction. Our teachers plan activities in a predictable, opportunity-filled environment that encourage our infants to explore, play, and have fun! In return, we see our infants build their curiosity, persistence, creativity, and problem solving every day. 

Language Development

Our highly-trained infant teachers are early communication experts. Teachers lullabies and songs, naming objects, daily conversations, rhymes, and baby signs starting at 6 months to give children the environment they need to support their language development. In return, our teachers are richly rewarded with babbles, coos, smiles, and squeaks of laughter!

Math & Science 

Kids’ Care Club believes early years are learning years! Simple math and science concepts are introduced to help infants explore cause and effect, object permanence, size and space, choice making, taste and smell, and touch and sound. Infants head outside daily for engaging sensory exploration and nature discovery on our gated playground set apart from the older kiddos. 


Artistic exploration comes in many forms in infant day care. Open-ended play is our favorite, where the day’s activities promote creativity and engage children in multisensory experiences. This looks different depending on a week’s theme, but can consist of playing with paints, photo cards, puppets, and looking at the family photos of our diverse community. Art in our infant classroom simply serves as a means of pressure free exploration. 


An infant’s social-emotional development is their emerging awareness of themself and others. Healthy development in the infant classroom unfolds best with familiar, nurturing adults – in this case, teachers! They then engage with safe spaces through touch, sight, and listen alongside educators. As we lean into our creative side with art, listen to music, or cuddle, we see infants show signs of emotions like joy, anger, fear, disgust, and surprise expressed both verbally and physically. Most importantly, as your child gets comfortable, they’ll form their first friendships with other infants in the classroom.  

Learning Genie

You won’t miss a beat of the fun activities and learning that take place in our infant classrooms everyday. We’re proud to be using Learning Genie here at Kids’ Care Club, a mobile app that provides daily reports from teachers to all of our parents. These daily reports include photos of your child throughout the day, links to songs and books used in class, important classroom reminders, updates on daily activities in the classroom, and developmental portfolios for each child. 

At Kids’ Care Club

Here at Kids’ Care Club, our infant classroom is divided into two groups based on age and your infant’s mobility. Our youngest group is 6 weeks to 12 months, and as they begin scooting, crawling, and walking, they progress into the 12 to 18 months group. Everyday, your child grows through developmentally appropriate activities designed to bolster their cognitive, social-emotional, and multisensory development. Learn more about activities taking place in our classroom everyday. 

Schedule a Tour Today

If you’re in search of infant day care, we invite you to tour Kids’ Care Club and meet the teachers that are ready to provide the warmth and love that your child needs. 

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