Our Toddlers spend their days engaged in activities that promote learning and discovery. Whether it’s walking up the stairs, sliding down the slide of our specially designed loft (PQ), stacking building blocks, measuring water in our water table or playing with their favorite age-appropriate toy, your child will learn as they discover and explore. 

You will see our teachers “down on the floor” interacting with your child. At Kids’ Care Club, we consistently listen and talk with the children – encouraging their emotional and language development. 

The teachers provide a perfect balance of nurturing, playtime, and learning each day through daily group activities that also help boost your child’s social skills. We provide age appropriate activities and materials that develop confidence, self-esteem, and a love of learning in small and large groups. Learning areas focus on language, mathematics, creative arts, dramatic play, and sensory exploration.

Language Development

  • Supporting rich vocabulary development
  • Using storytelling and word games to help gain an interest in literacy
  • Practicing imitation and responding to finger plays and music
  • Asking questions and following simple directions
  • Practicing object recognition

Math & More

  • Providing opportunities to identify basic colors and shapes
  • Modeling and practicing sorting and matching
  • Teaching basic concepts of measurement through size & quantity
  • Providing materials to learn classification and matching

Science Discovery

  • Bringing concepts of cause-and-effect to life through hands on experiences
  • Sensory activities to explore touch and taste
  • Cooking activities to explore different foods and change of matter
  • Science experiments and problem solving
  • Experiencing life cycles through planting in the garden and caring for a class pet

Art and Drama

  • Supporting individual expression through participation in group activities
  • Promoting self-expression through a variety of art and music
  • Providing cultural art, music and props to experience diversity
  • Encouraging pretend play and role-playing with props

Family & Community

  • Encouraging interactions with other children in group activities
  • Guiding the development of sharing and listening skills
  • Modeling how to express emotions appropriately
  • Promoting friendships and positive interactions
  • Guiding children to learn the classroom schedule and routines
  • Regular teacher-family communication, including daily updates

Health Awareness

  • Teaching body parts through stories, songs, and rhymes
  • Promoting self-care skills, such as feeding, cleaning, and dressing
  • Promoting healthy habits through hand washing and practicing healthy hygiene
  • Supporting large-motor development and eye-hand coordination through a variety of activities such as kicking balls, tossing, writing, drawing, and lacing