How Germs Can Hide – Sensory Activity


Last week throughout our center we learned all about healthy habits. We had a great time learning about how to make healthy choices and how germs can spread through a variety of science, sensory and art projects. One of the children’s favorites though was our sensory activity that showed just how sneaky germs can be.

In this activity our teacher, Ms. Samantha, took washable neon paint and squirted a little bit onto each child’s hand.


She told her students that each dot of paint represents germs. She even pretended to sneeze and then would put paint on their hand demonstrating just how easily germs can spread. Ms. Samantha also explained how we can get germs on our hands just by touching stuff and why it is so important to wash our hands regularly throughout the day, not just when we go to the bathroom. Once everyone got a bit of paint on their hands Ms. Samantha instructed the children to rub their hands together and spread the paint.


The kids really enjoyed this part! Then they were told to wash off all the paint.


Next came the blacklight test. Ms. Samantha turned off the lights to the classroom and shined a blacklight over the children’s hands. A lot of them still had pink paint on their hands! The kids loved seeing the effects of the blacklight but also were surprised there was still paint on their hands. Ms. Samantha explained to her students that a quick hand wash doesn’t get all the germs off and how it’s important to be thorough when it comes to cleaning off the germs!




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