Kids' Care Club Annual Fall Carnival

We ended October at Kids’ Care Club with our annual Fall Carnival! An abundance of games (and pumpkins!) both inside and outside of the classroom proved the day to be a success. Both centers were able to celebrate with various activities throughout the day while the kids were dressed up in their best halloween costumes.

Kids' Care Club Rancho Penasquitos

At KCC Rancho Penasquitos, children had fun playing on the playground, while also collaborating with one another to play a series of games. These games included Hoop and Ring tossing, experimenting with the “spooky” water table (mini cauldrons, red water, and toy eyeballs replaced the usual props!), and stacking pumpkins. These activities provided holiday specific sensory experiences that strengthened gross and fine motor skills, built teamwork skills, and fostered a festive spirit amongst all! Every child went home with mini pumpkins generously donated by Trader Joe’s Carmel Mountain


Kids' Care Club 4S Ranch

At KCC 4S Ranch, children spent the morning playing a similar, but different series of games. There were plenty of great games that the children alternated throughout. With halloween music playing behind the scenes, there were Spider Men, Unicorns, and Skeletons playing Mini-Golf, Pin the Spider on the Web, Pumpkin Racing, and more! Each child was able to go home with a pumpkin to carve or decorate their yard with, thanks to the generous donations from Jimbo’s 4S Ranch


With Halloween behind us, we can’t wait to continue finding creative, fun ways to celebrate the fall season. Stay tuned for more festive ideas to celebrate the holidays as we move towards the end of 2021!