"Early Years Are Learning Years"

Calendar of Events

PQ 4S Event Description
6/30 6/30 Luau/Hawaiian Dress Up Day Aloha! Come to school in your favorite Hawaiian outfit and/or hula skirt and get ready to dance to hula music!
7/1 7/1 Cowboy/Cowgirl Dress Up Day Welcome to the wild west! Wear your favorite cowboy, cowgirl or sheriff outfit on this day. Yee haw!
7/2 7/2 Red, White & Blue Dress Up Day In celebration of the 4th of July, wear red, white and blue to school!
7/3 7/3 Independence Day Observance Happy 4th of the July and enjoy your three day weekend!
7/6 7/6 Soccer Day Wear your favorite soccer jersey or team shirt and we’ll play soccer on the playground during outside times.
7/9 7/9 Crazy Hair Day (Rio Carnival) To celebrate the Rio Carnival in Brazil, come to school wearing your wackiest hairdo!
7/15 7/15 Toga Dress Up Day We’re excited to begin our travels in Greece. Please remember to dress your child in a toga using a sheet, old pillow case, or oversized white t-shirt. If you have any questions, check in with your child’s teacher or the front desk.
7/16 7/16 Irish Dance Demo & Wear Green Although we aren’t able to have visitors at the school during this time, we are going to show the children a short (less than 3 minute) video demonstrating traditional Irish Dancing. We invite you to also wear Green on this day to celebrate the country of Ireland.
7/22 7/22 Spaghetti & Meatball Day TBA
7/21 7/21 Festival of Music Parade TBA
7/28 7/28 Ivan Kupala/Crazy Hat Day Ivan Kupala is a Russian holiday that celebrates luck and prosperity. In honor of this summer holiday, children can come to school wearing a crazy hat!
Check back regularly—additional events are added as they are scheduled!